“He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of Nature” – Socrates

  • “Unique compositions” -Galician Tunes
  • “Spellbinding and genius” -Sputnik Music (★★★★★)
  • “One of the most interesting Galician Folk bands of the last times” -La Fonoteca
  • “Impossibly Beautiful” -Noisey
  • “A jewel” -Efrén López
  • ”Master musicianship and perfectly balanced” – Vampster Magazine (★★★★★)
  • “One of the most honest and emotional voices of modern folk music” – Teatro Municipal do Porto Rívoli
  • “Enchanting and magical” -Prog Archives (★★★★)
  • “True European Folk and truly stunning” -CeltCast Foundation
  • “I can’t recommend them enough” -Steve Von Till/NEUROSIS/NEUROT RECORDINGS
  • “Truly Magical” -Oliver S. Tyr/FAUN
  • “Sublimely updating what once was called Celtic Music. Indispensable in Galician music history” -Balea Cultural
  • “Sangre de Muerdago had to be admired” -Legacy Magazine, live report @ Colosseum Theater, Essen.





Sangre de Muerdago

-“Spellbinding and genius” -Sputnik Music. (★★★★★) -“One of the most interesting Galician Folk bands of the last times.” -La Fonoteca -“Impossibly Beautiful” -Noisey -“The colective leaded by Pablo C. Ursusson asserts itself as one of the most honest and emotional voices of modern folk music.” – Teatro Municipal do Porto Rívoli 2020 -“Truly magical” -Oliver S. Tyr/FAUN -“Modern, ancient and timeless. I can’t recommend them enough”. -Steve Von Till/NEUROSIS/NEUROT RECORDINGS -”Master musicianship and perfectly balanced” - Vampster Magazine (★★★★★) -“The fact is that this is probably the best folk album of the year. The beauty of what i was listening to, was something so clear in my mind that it was impossible for me to formulate rational thoughts about it” -Santa Sangre (★★★★★) -“Sangre de Muerdago had to be admired, they have the gift to create an intimate atmosphere even on a large stage.” -Legacy Magazine (Live report, Nov. 2019, Colosseum Theater, Essen
Sangre de Muerdago
Sangre de MuerdagoThursday, October 21st, 2021 at 6:56am
))) NEWS (((

On November 25th we will be premiering the film "Xuntas". A movie written by Pabs and directed by Paul Schlesier.
It will be at the UT Connewitz, a most beautiful historical theater in Leipzig that has already hosted us in several occasions in the past.

We will be playing as well a set of special songs for the occasion. This means our first public appearance since July 2020.

You can now get your tickets now. ---> https://www.tixforgigs.com/Event/39320?af=ozqw0atnumoi&saf=6apw2ci


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Sangre de Muerdago
Sangre de MuerdagoWednesday, October 13th, 2021 at 10:50am
There was folk session in the Otherworld last night. RIP Paddy.
Sangre de Muerdago
Sangre de MuerdagoMonday, October 11th, 2021 at 11:11am
The 2nd pressing of our last album "Xuntas" will apparently be here during the first days of November. There'll be a new colored vinyl version (not on this photo!) and orders will be available at the time, so we'll be shipping orders within the month of November.
Many thanx to everyone who has been supporting us 🙏💜🌱


Sangre de Muerdago
Sangre de Muerdago is with Paul Schlesier.Friday, October 8th, 2021 at 8:02am
Folkesses, folks, other creatures, this is what's coming next. Nervous and excited... more news very soon!


#sangredemuerdago Pallid Eyes Film #sogehtsächsisch #movie #pallideyesfilms #utconnewitz UT Connewitz #livesession #galicia #leipzig #leipzigmusic #galiciafolk #hurdygurdy #nyckelharpa #sogehtsaechsisch
Sangre de Muerdago
Sangre de MuerdagoMonday, October 4th, 2021 at 10:49am
Now you can enjoy our latest release "Cantiga de Folhas e Agulhas" on all streaming services, )) AND IN OUR BANDCAMP (( .

We'll copy links in comments, and we leave here as well the song's chapters' poem, which we hope it helps with a better understanding of what's behind this composition that we've created in artist residency in company of our beloved Judasz & Nahimana:

CANTIGA DE FOLHAS E AGULHAS - The Chapters Poem by Pablo C. Ursusson

1. Birth. Initiation. The miracle of the Birch. ( 00:00 )

Oh white being of rebirth,
source of life and nurture,
show me the entrance into this journey.
My body receives the light,
the birdsongs clearer than ever in my ears.

2. Youth. Energy. The fire of the Ash. ( 4:00 )

Ash, stoic column of the forest,
that climbs boldly over the canopy,
let me be wild,
let me jump over the borders of my own endurance,
for that very sight will provide the calm I seek.

3. Depression. Into the dark. The journey through the Spruce forest. ( 6:40 )

Through somber paths I roam without destination,
my own darkness has taken over my perception.
Nobody understands.
Nobody wants to understand.
Pain is poignant and pierces through my chest.
Oh if I only could find love.

4. Calm. Experience. The embrace of the Beech. ( 10:25 )

Resting at last, my sight is fuller,
achievements are more rewarding.
The hard work of the past sprouts all around.
The time to harvest is here.
Understanding the treasures of life is the most beautiful gift one can have,
no time to lose in loving our close ones.

5. The dance of Death. Acceptance. To walk the path of the Yew. ( 12:40 )

I dance towards you, oh Yew,
embrace my spirit with your branches, pierce me with your needles.
Guide me with your shadows to the side of my lost ones.
Adeus, adeus. I am ready.

Cover art by Alexandra Uppman.
Sangre de Muerdago
"Cantiga de Folhas e Agulhas" is a composition born of close collaboration between Sangre de Muérdago and Judasz & Nahimana while in artist residency in Luxe...


Date City Venue Country
11/25/21 Leipzig UT Connewitz Germany
Time: 9:00pm. Admission: 13€. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: Wolfgang-Heinze-Straße 12A, 04277 Leipzig. Cinema premiere of the film “Xuntas”, written by Pablo C. Ursusson and directed by Paul Schlesier + Concert Buy Tickets

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